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Hammer (Avi):
Hold the mortician I have been out of town for a friends wedding.  Just got back this morning and I am looking forward to this.  Not sure what is typically involved in putting this together, camping, trails, food?   

pinchel (Rob):
What is this?!  ???

It is a joint run with Nissan folks from CAlifornia, NeVada, and AriZona (CANVAZ).  For the last 3 years it has been held on a weekend in October.  The first year was in AZ, the second was in CA, and last year was in NV.  The idea is that it will continue to cycle every three years, so this year's event should be held in AZ.

I'm a maybe 😁. I've always been missing out on these

Hammer (Avi):
Awesome opportunity to camp, wheel, and get to know our fellow enthusiasts!  The question is, where would be a good spot to camp in Oct.  Sedona/Camp Verde/Tucson should all be good.     


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