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Shea Blvd Sunday around 1130


Black X with Shrok front end and Xoskel light cage up top. Going too fast to pick out anything else but it was a nice looking truck.

Hey... That was me.  Did you have a white xterra going the opposite direction?  I just joined this club a few days ago.  I don't have me shrockworks bumper on right now, hopefully in the next month I'll be seeing that at my door.  I have a basic brush guard right now. I did have the light cage though.  I'm lifted 3 in as well and my color is night armor, also confused with black. ;D... I was headed out to meet up with my gf out by bush highway and the b line....

That was me, sorry about the miss-identification but you were moving out !
That was me in the White X goijng in the opposite direction.


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