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Username: 11Pro4X
Year: 2011
Make: Nissan
Model: Xterra
Trim: Pro4X
Color: Silver Lightning (K12) :eek:

Feb 2012 TOTM Winner

As she sits today!
Both Pics courtesy of GlamisDunesStar in Moab!

From the rear!

[*]Mud Flaps Removed
[*]Melt Mod complete
[*]McMaster-Carr lift gate struts
[*]Gobi Ladder
[*]SilverBullet Edition
[*]2 Rigid Dually LED Back Up/Flood Lights (Transferring to rock lights)
[*]Xoskel Glare Shields for the Hellas
[*]Gobi Ranger Rack (installed 08/24/11, from goneMoabX)
[*]Deflecta-Shield Aluminum Storage Box (installed 08/31/11)
[*]2 Quick Fists for a shovel mount (installed 10/15/11)
[*]Nissan Keypad Keyless-entry System (installed 10/27/11)
[*]Hood Stealth Mod (01/07/11)
[*]20 inch Rigid LED Light bar (02/08/12) with Custom Bumper
[*]40 inch Rigid LED Light bar (installed 05/11/12)
[*]2 6 inch Rigid LED Light Bars...back up lights

[*]Xoskel Sliders
[*]Shrockworks Rear Diff Cover (installed 05/15/11)
[*]Shrockworks Front Radiator Skid (installed on 08/31/11)
[*]Original NX Rocks Engine, Gas-tank, Transmission, and Transfer Case Skids (installed 07/01/11)
[*]Shrockworks Rear Bumper w/ Tire Carrier
[*]Hunter Off Road Custom Bumper (installed 02/07/12)

[*]Firestone Destination A/Ts installed 285/75/16 E loads
[*]Firestone Destination M/Ts for those trips to the mall! (mounted on a second set of rims)
[*]Radflo External Res for the rear (installed 03/26/11)
[*]Removed front and rear sway bars (05/25/11)
[*]PRG Adjustable Shackles (installed 07/09/11)
[*]PRG Titan UCAs (installed 01/28/12)
[*]Sway-Away Coil-overs with 650lb Eibach springs (installed 01/28/12)
[*]Alcan Rear leaf pack extra 400lbs of weight plus 3.5 inches of lift (installed 01/28/12)

[*]3-D Cell Mag Light Installed
[*]Garmin GPS Installed
[*]Cobra 29LX CB Installed
[*]3 foot Firestix CB antenna on Xoskel Antenna mount
[*]Weathertech Front Floor Liners
[*]XT Fabrications Rear "Shelf"

Under the Hood:
[*]Full Amsoil Fluids all the way around!
[*]Air Flow Snorkel (installed  09/24/11)
[*]M205 swapped (installed 01/27/12)
[*]DT Catback Exhaust (installed 01/29/12)
[*]Volant CAI (installed 02/23/12)
[*]Transmission By-Pass (03/02/12)
[*]Aux Transmission Cooler (03/02/12)
[*]Femco Oil Drain

[*]60 inch Hi-Lift extreme
[*]Hi-Lift recovery gear
[*]Gear box mounted to the Gobi Rack
[*]Shovel mounted to the Gobi Rack
[*]Axe mounted to the Gobi Rack
[*]Smittybilt XRC 10 Comp series winch w/ synthetic line
[*]20" Gerber Machete
[*]Handgun Holster in Door
[*]2 4 Gallon Rotopax on the Roof
[*]ViAir Constant Duty On Board Air System
[*]ARB 3''x30' Snatch Strap

Mods to come/

Coming up Hells Gate on Hells Revenge goneMoabX. Thanks to Kevin for spotting me up and Jarrod on the right for spotting me down the entrance!

TOTM Winner April 2011 (Photo courtesy of RJCX)

Another Shot 2nd time up that hill (Photo courtesy of RJCX)

Stock Truck!


Fog Light Mod

How she has changed

Pic courtesy of RJCX


--- Quote from: Conundrum on November 03, 2011, 11:55:21 PM ---Nice Job! Might copy this format.  ;D

--- End quote ---

FYI this was post #100!  Copy away!

m205 is on the way!!!

Marcin when did you stealth the hood? It wasn't that way at Box Canyon right? I love that look, the Short Bus Edition (Hatty I believe) is sweet too. How is it done?

Just tape it off, sand it, and paint it.


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