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New member from Glendale!

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Hey what's up guys, new member here from Glendale.

I bought my '06 Titan 2WD back in early March. Just trying to get into some meets and possible trailing.
Not much is done to my truck, it's black in color, has air ride on the back leaf springs and rims and tires. I bought it this way. As of right now, no plans just yet.

I love this truck, best I've ever had.

I took my kid to school last Wednesday morning and saw another Titan, gray in color with black rims. That truck had a AZ Titan sticker on the back. Not sure if the owner is part of this forum or not but it gave me the idea to google it and I came up with here.

Been checking out the forums and community and I like what I see.
Once I get a photo account set up I will post pictures.

Thupertrooper (Victor):
Welcome to the forum and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

PitSnipe (Kyle):
Welcome from Surprise. Lots of good guys and gals here. don't hesitate to ask for anything. We are having a Mod Day on Saturday. If your free it would be a great opportunity to meet some members and help out.

Heres the link for the mod day.

pinchel (Rob):
Welcome aboard! Glad to see we have another Titan! :)

Welcome from the AZXC west side coalition, any pictures of your rig?


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