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Title: TIRES/ Pictures of Gen 1 with 265/75/16
Post by: DrewDs85 on July 31, 2014, 12:44:54 PM
hello all, im looking for any pics of a Gen 1 with 265/75/16s. I have a 2004 Gen 1 with the torsion bars cranked, but stock rear. I have read a bunch on threads that the tires will fit with little or no rubbing. I just wanted to know how they look, if there is any rubbing or bending of fender when going over large bumps. I plan on doing a suspension lift with new UCAs and rear shackles/AAL in back but it looks like im gonna need tires before ill have the $$$ for the lift. Wondering if its worth getting the larger tires first. Any Ideas or suggestions???? Any Pics of with or without lift would be awesome.