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Title: Minimize Your Shipping Costs at!
Post by: RockAuto on March 03, 2017, 07:03:44 AM ( offers reliably low prices on auto parts for both your daily driver and classic, 24 hours a day!  Unlike companies who mark up prices to cover "free" shipping, RockAuto offers reliably low prices, and adds only the actual cost of delivering your order to you.

We sell over a million different parts, and a single warehouse cannot hold them all. If you choose parts which are not stocked in the same place, carriers will charge for two shipments.  Two ways to minimize shipping charges are:

    1. Watch for Truck Icons next to parts in the online catalog -- they indicate parts which can ship from the same warehouse as parts already in your shopping cart.
    2. Use our "Choose for Me to Minimize Cost" tool -- which lets you say "any one of these parts would be OK" and then automatically chooses the lowest total cost (part + shipping).

Learn more about these and other unique features of our catalog on our Help with Placing an Order ( page!

Title: Re: Minimize Your Shipping Costs at!
Post by: Hammer (Avi) on March 03, 2017, 04:03:05 PM
Thanks, that really clarifies the shipping process.  I usually order smaller or consumable items in bulk from you guys to save shipping.  I have found your "standard" shipping to be very fast, usually only a day or 2, although I'm sure that depends on the warehouse.