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Title: Flag2GC Important Info
Post by: pinchel (Rob) on July 31, 2018, 08:59:02 PM
Have questions or need to follow up for the event? Save this post for quick access.

Below this post are important attachments (We will provide you paper maps if needed. Time and place is TBD):
Flag2gc GPX Bike route (this is great for finding your way if you have a compatible GPS app. I use Gaia.)
PDF Maps

When:  Aug 2nd - Aug 4th
Where:  Flagstaff / Grand Canyon
What:  61 mile mountain bike ride from Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon
Charity: This ride raises money for the Marine League Charities (aka Toys for Tots, Wounded Marines, etc).
Our Role: We provide on-course support for the riders.  If they break down and/or can't continue, we will shuttle them to the next SAG (Stop And Group) stop.
Needs: A high clearance vehicle, a radio.

Non Regulated Coms
CB: channel 17
FRS: Channel 4-00

Emergency & Situational Coms
FRS: Channel 2-00
CARC Operations Net Control: 146.480 Mode A (Controlled Net, SAG 1 to Finish)
CARC Cross Band Repeater: 446.500 Mode A (446.500 sent to Net Control on 146.480, Start to SAG 1)
CARC Backup: 146.480 Mode A (Relay Simplex to Net Control)
Williams Backup: RX=146.780 TX=146.180 Mode A [PL/Tone RX&TX: 95.1] (Uncontrolled Net)
Emergency Station to Station Simplex: 147.420 Mode A (FOR EMERGENCY USE ONLY)

Start Camp Location: (It is very near the bike route's 1st checkpoint.
Here are the coordinates - (35.395493, -111.756143). It is not far from the 180.
The actual camp site might not be exact depending on the trees, but we'll be on the left side of the road and before the cattle gate. So if you go over the cattle gate, you missed our camp.

Try to get to our Start Camp as early as possible on Friday, digital event trail maps are attached below this post please download the files. I suggest using the app Gaiagps as it is free and the files will work. Files will work with most gps apps if you choose to use something else.

You can review the map online here at this link ->

I am not sure when we will be handing out printed maps and checkpoint assignments so if you can print one from home. My plan is for you to check in at the Nordic Center to get one. Volunteers we will need to be ready and posted before 7:00 am, rain or shine, at their assigned checkpoints. For the new volunteers, we are not to be on trail after 7:00 am which interferes with riders, only in an emergency situation are we to be driving on the trail. All emergencies must be transmitted and received by event Net Control.
Title: Re: Flag2GC Important Info
Post by: pinchel (Rob) on May 25, 2019, 07:49:50 AM
Stay tuned! There will be an updated trail map which includes a bit more info and some gps files you can use with a few different APPs. Also, if you haven't already please fill out the volunteer form and check the AZXC box.

Thank you!
Title: Re: Flag2GC Important Info
Post by: pinchel (Rob) on June 08, 2019, 10:10:45 AM
Updates posted, but stay tuned for more. GPS files are attached and a map link.
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