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For the last few years we sponsored one of the largest Nissan four wheel drive events in the country, GONEMOAB.  After going to the event we decided to build an older Frontier S/C automatic crew cab since we plan on running some of the more extreme trails. After a few conversations with some local fabricators we developed our build plan and set into motion. We got our Frontier back from the fabricators and this is what we got.

Here is a brief list of the major modifications to our Frontier;

-2003 Frontier 4WD automatic crew cab supercharged
-Custom bumpers front and rear
-Custom rock sliders
-Custom spare tire carrier
-35x12.50x17 Nitto trail grapplers mounted on XD Revolver wheels
-H233B rear end with ARB air locker with 513 gears
-Dana 44 Hi-pinion front axle with ARB air locker with 513 gears
-King coil overs
-Warn 9000i front winch built in to custom bumper

A few pics I took quickly in the back lot

Well check that out!  Glad you guys are a sponsor and part of AZXC and AZFC! 

This truck is awesome and look on your faces driving it when we flex it out is awesome!!

See ya in May!

BTW guys if you need nissan parts check out and give Eric and the crew up there a call.  Wish we had a dealer like you guys in the valley!

Hammer (Avi):
That rig is fantastic, great work and can't wait to meet you guys in May!

This year i get to drive it and you guys are getting my X for the week right?   ;D

That is an amazing looking truck! Such a shame that those bumpers and such are all custom. I bet there are quite a few folks out there that would love to setup their trucks like that. ;D

I was checking out and you guys have some of the best deals on replacement parts that I've seen! I definitely plan on going through you guys to replace my interior parts that are broken ;D


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