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I like those wheels, they're a little big, but the design is cool with only a minimal amount of non-black.

And yeah, if this keeps up the red Titans are going to end up outnumbering the silver Xterras ;D

Did a wheel & tire swap with Osiris from titantalk today. Now im running 18x9 MB Chaos wheels with 325/60-18 Toyo Open Country AT2 Extremes.  I think they look a little more aggressive than the Fuel Wheels & 275/70-18's that I was running before.

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What did Joe get?

He's got my previous wheels & tires, 18x9 Fuel Boosts, with the 275/70 Toyo AT2's that I had. He didnt have enough room for snow chains with these tires, (the sidewalls are pretty close to the uca's & rear bump stops), plus he's moving to Alaska in a couple of months. I had about 6-7k on my tires & Joe has about 3k on these. He wanted narrower & I wanted wider, so it worked out perfect for both of us.

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Cool, those look awesome on your truck too ;D


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