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Just an idea for now, but if anyone wants to use them feel free to. Though there might be changes coming down the pike.

Updated 2/21/13 to reflect the latest changes.

As we're always trying to ramp up our efforts to get all the cool trucks and people into our club here I thought we might consider leaving calling cards on vehicles we spot. I came up with a bit of a template that looks like this:

And now in color:

I've added this to an Avery template that's compatible with nearly any version of Word and Open Office and can be printed over on Avery Business Card templates including:
Compatible Avery Products:
15871, 18871, 27871, 27881, 27882, 27883, 28371, 28865, 28873, 28876, 28877, 28878, 38871, 38873, 38876, 5371, 5376, 5377, 55871, 55876, 5870, 5871, 5872, 5873, 5874, 5876, 5877, 5878, 5882, 5911, 8271, 8371, 8372, 8376, 8377, 8471, 8476, 8571, 8865, 8870, 8871, 8872, 8873, 8874, 8875, 8876, 8877, 8878, 8879

And of course other off brand brand products that are compatible with Avery's 3.5"x2" cards lined in 5x2 per sheet should also work.

Here are the printable templates:
Black and white: Download
Color: Download

If that doesn't download permanently, you should be able to do a right click > Save Target As... download.

Also each spot has text labeled {Type Your Name Here} - If you do a find/replace in Word with your user name then it will automatically generate a sheet of ten cards personalized for you.

Hope that helps our spotting/recruiting efforts ;D

Hammer (Avi):
it says all nissan right on it!


--- Quote from: Hammer on February 11, 2013, 11:09:11 PM ---it says all nissan right on it!

--- End quote ---

You need to promote the other websites as well.  If I was a Frontier or Titan guy i could care less about the Xterra website.  Let me do the marketing and sponsorship stuff would ya!

No worries I've got a cool idea to be all inclusive in the design. I'm reusing the sills from the shirt and making a new one for the Titan. Unfortunately it looks like I wasn't focused last night (hmmmm...  ::) ) so I didn't sync the file to my cloud space properly. If today isn't too busy then I might be able to just remake it real quick, otherwise it might be tomorrow because I don't get home today until about 11.

Hopefully it'll come out good ;D

OK here's the next model:

I've got a meeting I'm heading into now, so comment and I'll review it tomorrow. ;D


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