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Is there a different leader for each site? Sorry im still new so im trying to learn? I work in Marketing so it is kind of my area... I think the logo should be almost the same as our logo adding in the star and the Arizona Flag. Too bad we dont have a main website that has a link to all 3 websites.

Hammer (Avi):
Do we put our real name or our handle, that's the question.

I was thinking handle name so if someone joined up from the card they'd be able to see who it was on here that spotted them ;D

Right now there's only one "club" just multiple websites owned by the same board. So technically Hammer is the president of everything, but if membership in the other areas increased who knows what could happen. But all of the websites come back to this same forum. We wanted to change the cards to reflect all the different web sites so indicate to other vehicles that this club isn't just for Xterras but that especially Frontiers and Titans are welcome. (Now all we need is and ;D )

I'm also thinking the state symbol is missing something important. The Nissan logo alone in the Arizona outline just looks too plane, especially with the other one right above it... maybe I should throw in the star and symbol without the actual "AZXC" in it. Kind of like the forum logo when it's transitioning between logos. I think I'll try that tomorrow and see how it looks. Too late now sorry ;D

I think the first set of tracks were better too... Yeah I'm gonna swap those in now that I have the file back.

Hammer (Avi):
leave the space blank, then we can write AZXC, AZFC, or AZTC depending on the truck we spot.  I'll just put AZXC on all of mine, but dont tell marcin. 


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