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Hammer (Avi):
I was going to buy some, thought we would just sell the tickets at the march event.  How is it going to work? are you going to use a random number generator?

What if I plan on buying raffle tickets but I won't be at the chili cook off?

I was hoping to make it to the cook off but just can't do it (working the night before and night to get some sleep!). So I'm going to buy some extra tickets through paypal and put "Dually's" on there.
So just let me know when my raffle ticket number is pulled!  :)

told vince to throw my extra ten from the tshirts at this raffle on my behalf..not sure if i will be at the chili cook off, probably better off for the air quality in kiwanis park that i am not. ha ha

Yup I gotcha covered JD.


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