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Proper Winch use

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Hammer (Avi):
Found this series on youtube and it is good info for anyone using a winch.  

Chapter 01 - Basic Types of Winches
Chapter 02 - Winch Components
Chapter 03 - The Winch Kit
Chapter 04 - Operation and Safety with your Winch
Chapter 05 - Single Line Pull (using a winch)
Winching Diagrams

Winching - Advanced Off Road Driving and Recovery Techniques

Cool deal ;D I love how YouTube is becoming an awesome archive for video how to's

Hammer (Avi):
After the winch use in Tucson I began wanting to look for more information on how to do pulls safely.   One of those pulls was a little shady and probably could of been done better.

Funny that these videos only address winch use on flat ground.  When you use a winch in terrain as we do they do not address that.

Hammer (Avi):
This is true, the second video shows him winching up an incline, and he suggests turning the wheels and holding the foot break for maximum traction.  I think that is fairly sound advice.  


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