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Proper Winch use

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Don't most people usually winch from outside the vehicle though?

Hammer (Avi):

--- Quote from: Rev on February 25, 2013, 10:17:17 PM ---Don't most people usually winch from outside the vehicle though?

--- End quote ---

Yah, that is the most common mistake I think.  They leave it in park, which means a little parking pin is stopping the whole car.  Or maybe they leave the hand break on, which is a manual drum break which also sucks.  You need to be using the full power of your vehicles hydraulic brakes.   

I've always though a winch set up properly should have a switch run to the inside of the cabin too, glad to hear that's not just me having an ocd ;D

Most winches come with a hand operated controller with a cable long enough to be sitting in the vehicle to winch.  That's where I always sit with foot on brake and car in neutral when I'm winching!

Hammer (Avi):
That is why I posted the vids, it is good information on how winches work, how they are intended to be used, and how to safely use them for people who didn't know, like me. 


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