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Hammer (Avi):
Here is the place to get your AZ land use permit.  You are responsible for your own and AZXC often camps or wheels in places were these are required.  They only accept cash, checks, or money orders, and you are sending in a form.  So unless you want to wait in line at the office for a last minute permit, now is the time to fill out and pay the fee. 

Arizona State Land Department
 1616 W. Adams St
 Phoenix, AZ 85007

You mean we don't have to wait in line for 12 hours at a state office? Score!

It's about 2 min to get a permit at the office downtown.  I got people all the permits last time and it was quick.  This was the most efficient government office I have ever been in!

I bumped this thread as a reminder, hammer has provided the link to get your state trust land permit.  I need to renew mine as it expires next week and I am planning another romp through east side of table mesa.  It may seem like a hassle but it is well worth the piece of mind of not paying any big fines or bringing negative attention to the club on group events.

Just picked mine up today.  No line - no wait.


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