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New AZXC swag idea

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Hey everyone!
So I was thinking the other day about having a front license plate made up. As far as advertising and showing our proud membership to AZXC, we've got the back/rear side windows of our X's covered with the stickers. What about having a front license plate made up to promote the club on the front? I recently had a minor run in with a rock that cracked my UF Gator head plate  :( and seeing the new sticker, I thought it would be a great way to show off our new swag. Now, I have no graphic design background and am not savvy enough to have an example made up (Rev...hint, hint!!  ;)), but I was thinking a mirrored acrylic plate (or plain metal if it's a lot more wallet friendly) with the background being black, the new logo in the center (colored) except changing "NO PAVEMENT, NO PROBLEM" moved from the right side to being centered underneath the logo. I know many members have custom front bumpers that wouldn't allow this, but even some aftermarket bumpers have a plate area built in. Plus, I'm sure some of us have a DD that we could put this on and promote the club without hitting the trails or trying to read it through mud!
This is the link to the plate that I had on my X for years:

This could also be another option but I think the black background would make the red, blue and yellow flag stand out more:

I prefer the mirrored background but like I said, I have no idea about cost, etc so that's just my 2 cents.
Just wanted to put it out there and see what everyone thinks.


--- Quote from: ERNurseScott on March 01, 2013, 08:01:49 AM ---(Rev...hint, hint!!  ;))

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Haha my name is out there huh ;D

I've got a couple high priority projects for the club that I've gotta work on this week, but I might poke at this idea after just so we'd have an idea of what it'd look like.

Cool idea ;D

Where would I mount it?

AZ doesnt require front lisence plates so many X's probably wont have mounting spots. I know mine doesnt.

Even though AZ doesn't require front license plates, I have noticed many vehicles on this site and othera Xterra sites that have a front plate holder with whatever plate they want on there. Also, it would be a great way to promote the club on someone's daily driver, as I've noticed some members changing their X's over to daily drivers for a simple increase in MPG.

Also, I emailed 3 major bumper companies. I'm still waiting to hear back from heftyfabworks, but here are the replies from shrockworks & ARB.


--- Quote ---Hi Scott,
                We have a license plate bracket that we sell with our bull bars.  Part #3751451.  It bolts onto the front of the bumper right in front of the winch provision. It will work with or without a winch so whichever route you want to go it will work.  If you have any other questions feel free to ask anytime.

Devan Laws

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--- Quote ---Without a winch, the license plate just bolts to the front bumper, front and center.  It will look just like the main pic on this page:

--- Quote ---
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 Otherwise, you’ll have to mount the license plate to the fairlead.  Several manufacturers make license plate mounts that clip on to the winch fairlead and are removed when the winch is to be used.
We’re actually about to release a prototype flip up license plate mount here in a few weeks.  Follow up with me in about a week and I’ll have completed pics.

-- --
Mark Wottlin
ShrockWorks 4x4 Products
877-4-SHROCK (877-474-7625)

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When I hear from Hefty, I'll post their response on here also. For those of you with custom tubular bumpers, there are loops that secure with either a butterfly bolt or regular bolt that would work on the tubular bars to keep the plate is place. I didn't get the part numbers because it would depend on the diameter of the tube.

Hope this sheds some light on the subject and answer the question/dilemma of putting one of these plates on your X.



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