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New AZXC swag idea

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Here's a quick job for you ;D

I didn't have time to make something brand new sorry, so I just pasted together some stuff left over from the shirt design. But maybe it'll give you an idea for what you're after.

pinchel (Rob):
Our X doesn't have a front plate bracket. It came with one, but have no idea where it is. I'd rather not add it. I know I have seen some different options for the front. The other thing is, if you need some design help hit me up. I don't have any Xterra elements as of yet but if you'd share I'll be more than happy to edit/create stuff for the forum.

i so want that plate!!! I would rock that so HARD!!!! get the AZXC on the back glass and the plate on the front! Damn straight!

Hammer (Avi):
no front plate holder on mine any more, if there is enough interest I would be glad to look into these. 

I like this idea. I just dont know if it'll go through since a lot of us have aftermarket bumpers.


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