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Mt. Ord & 4 Peaks

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Hit up Mt. Ord and 4 peaks yesterday and had a blast with the kids.  Mt. Ord is definitely for 4 wheel drive after a heavy rain/snow, I still got through with a 2 wheel drive but it was interesting.  Had to make several water crossings that were probably like a foot deep but felt like I was crossing the pacific to me :)

Lots of snow at Mt. Ord and completely covered on the backside where the forest is.  Will probably be on the backside all week too.  Regulars to that area were telling me that you can see snow as late as May back there. 

Unfortunately I forgot to charge my phone so I only got a few pics.

Road heading into Mt. Ord just off Beeline Hwy.

Found a nice place to do some shooting with the kids at 4 peaks.

He swore he saw a bigfoot and wouldn't put the binos down.

He was also determined to use Daddy's shotgun which is taller than him.

Brother in law teaching his boy how to shoot.

Very cool man. I didn't realize there was so much snow up that way.

Yeah that took me by surprise when we hit the Beeline and saw snow half way down 4 peaks.  Mt. Ord is about 15 miles north of that and the snow was on the highway.

So you did see some snow, great shots ;D

Yeah way more snow than I thought.  Very muddy and wet up there
 Surprised I didn't get stuck. :-)


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