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Chris, do you get AZ pinstriping out? I know I know sounds lame but my X is just my DD again.

Is Chris outta Phoenix?

Funny thing is I was at Butcher Jones last sunday and I saw Chris coming out of The Coves area, I tried to flag him down and stop him to introduce myself but he had his stereo bumpin (subwoofers) and I don't think he heard or saw me. Oh well, nice looking X though from what I saw, could make out a few stickers on the driver side rear window, PRG Products and such.

Sunny I thought it was someone from here flagging me. But I was in a hurry. All three of the girls that were with me had to be home at 3 and it was already 2:30. I was flyin through the whole trail. My apologies for not stopping. And I might wax one door on Marcins truck tomorrow so you can see the before and after. haha


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