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Pink Heals Charity Event @ ABC Nissan Sept 11th

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Charity event at ABC Nissan Spetember 11th. The event benefits the Pink Heals Foundation and is presented by the 'Guardians of the Ribbons' - a group of local firefighters committed to raising money for women with breast cancer.

Here is the original thread on N4w: Pink Heals Event @ ABC Nissan

Let's make this the 'Official Spetember Xcurison'. Any objections? :-X

If you haven't signed up for a Nissan4Wheelers account, do it already...Geez.  :P

Save the Ta ta's    ;D

I wonder if this will involve the big pink fire truck with the big pink [breast cancer] ribbon that has been parked on Grand Ave, north or McDowell for the past couple months...

I'll go. Boobs are important!  ;D

^^^^not a chance^^^^

just kidding, yes I'm sure that truck will be the main attraction....besides a bunch of lifted scratched up Nissan trucks!

Wish I could, but I have to work all weekend in Mesa at the 36th Annual Arizona Fire School. Lots of firemen to chase around!  :-*


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