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Pink Heals Charity Event @ ABC Nissan Sept 11th

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Bummer, I scheduled a camping trip to Bear Canyon Lake with friends that weekend.  If anything changes i will be there.

I sent this information to a few of my coworkers that participate in the 3 day walks every year.....Just so happens that they both drive Nissans!

Bump! This is next week!

I just saw this on a local radio station website:

"The grand finale for the Kick-Off Party will be The Pink Heals Ride to Wickenburg  leaving at 7:30 p.m.  Over 100 motorcycles all decked out in pink, three pink fire engines and area fire and police vehicles will be heading out for Wickenburg.  All motorcycle clubs and car clubs from across the Valley are invited to join the Pink Heals Ride."

Is anyone else considering this ride?  I'd do it, but I don't want to be the only one not riding a bike...

They got the trucks washed, waxed up and ready to go!


--- Quote from: DZRT on September 10, 2009, 07:19:38 AM ---They got the trucks washed, waxed up and ready to go!

--- End quote ---

So who all is going and what time i have to close the shop at 6:oo unless i can get out early.

From N4W board
 (OK, SWANKy, I volunteered the local SWANKy crew to show up for this, so hopefully some of you can make it with your modified Nissan trucks (or cars).

From Dana Mahnke, Asst to General Manager at ABC Nissan:

On September 11th, we are going to be having an event to raise money and kick off the national tour for Pink Heals. Pink Heals is the name of the tour presented by Guardians of the Ribbons. They are a group of local firefighters commited to raising money for women with cancer. They are kicking off their 41 city tour on Camelback Road the night of Sept. 11th, and we are lucky enough to be participating in the festivities! We will be having different food vendors, games for the kids, music, and at 7:00pm there will be a car giveaway. I am looking to have one or two of the local Nissan clubs come out to support the charity and show off their vehicles.


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