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Recommended Oil Weight

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Back in PA I used to run 5W 30 synth in the Xterra.  With the higher temps here in AZ what weight do you guys run in your X?  I'll be doing oil changes on both of my cars soon and both used 5W 30.  Thanks.


I just did a change w/ Castrol Edge ful synth.. Cheaper than Amsoil, supposedly 8x better protection than Mobil 1, and I've always had good luck w/ Castrol. They recommend the 15k mile changes too.. I'm checking mine at 6-7k..

that's GEN2 info from 

I've ran 10W-30 in both the Gen1 and the Gen2 without any issues.

I run Amsoil 5W-30 in the Gen1 since we moved to AZ 4.5 years ago. No problems and I change it every 10k miles.

We run Dino stuff in the Gen 2 5W-30 until the mileage gets up there.


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