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Recommended Oil Weight

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I've ran Mobil 1 5W-30 in the 2nd Gen since Day 1 and religiously change the oil at 5k miles.  My Tranny, Diffs & Transfer Case all run Amsoil and changing gear in the Manual Trans after the Amsoil switch is so much nicer than with the OEM fluid.

I ended up sticking with a 5W 30 synthetic.  PepBoys has Castrol Edge on sale 5 qts. plus a Fram oil filter for $29.99 or the standard Syntec for $24.99.

"That's thinking with your Dipstick Jimmy"

I bought the Jug (Castrol Edge)for a little more than that.. It's like a free filter, although consensus is FRAM filters are crap. Good deal

Depends on which one you get Dan.  The tough guard ones are suppose to be good.  I buy Wix for my vehicles.


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