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Victim of the horrid stock tires

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Well, after 23315 miles, a cross country jaunt, countless trails, cacti, rock gardens, and one deadly trip to the hallmark store, a Rugged trail has bit it.  Regrettably not able to swap out all of them for better tires at this point so i will be hoping for a patch, and if not just replacing it...uggh.

Puncture or just bad wear?

puncture on the shoulder between shoulder blocks, about a 1/2 long, two of them side by side, on the inside.  Must of run something over on the not think it is patchable due to location and size..if it is, may keep it as a second trail spare for now..but definetly going to replace it for daily driving and primary tire on vehicle.  Just wish I could spring for 5 new tires and be done with them..

Yea thats tough. Working at a dealership I know how that is, bad luck puctures and other bs.

 a buck sixty out the door, tire was 143 and change and install plus disposal made up the other 17..not too bad, all things considered..fletchers in carefree tire would not come down off their out the door price of 199, stating no way could another stocking dealer beat it..whoops..they were wrong.   I honestly think the guy was looking up the wrong tire at discount, everyone quoted me around 150 to 155 for tire only and they were at 163..


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