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Gen2 Fluid Capacities/Types


Here are the recommended Nissan fluids and capacities

Engine Oil:
Type: 5W-30 Oil with API Certification
Capacity: 5 3/8 qt or 5.1 L

Cooling System:
Type: Genuine Nissan Long Lift Anti-freeze or equivalent
Capacity: 2 3/4 gal or 10.2L

Automatic Transmission:
Type: Genuine Nissan Matic J ATF
Capacity: 10 7/8 qt or 10.3L

Manual Transmission:
Type: Genuine Nissan Manual Transmission Fluid HQ Multi 75W-85 or API GL-4, Viscosity SAW 75W-85 or 75W-90
2WD Capacity: 4 1/4 qt or 3.98 L
4WD Capacity: 4 3/8 qt or 4.18 L

Rear Diff:
Type: API GL-5 Synthetic 75W-90 Gear Oil or Equivalent
Capacity: 3 3/8 pt or 1.6L

Type: API GL-5 Synthetic 75W-140 Gear Oil or Equivalent
Capacity: 4 1/4 pt or 2.01L

Transfer Case:
Type: Genuine Nissan Matic D ATF or DEXRON III or MERCON or equivalent
Capacity: 2 1/8 qt or 2.0L

Front Diff:
Type: API GL-5 SAE 80W-90 Gear Oil or Equivalent
Capacity: 1 3/4 pt or .85L


How do you know what rear diff you have?


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