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I ordered a pair of rear shocks for my X and they really screwed up my order. They shipped out within a day or two, which is perfectly reasonable. When the package arrived, it only contained one shock, no shipping invoice, and it was packaged in a box that was way too big for the Bilstein box inside. I sent out an email right away, and I have yet to hear a response 3 days later. Yesterday, another package arrived at my door from them. I thought it was the other shock, but when I opened it up, it was actually two shocks for a different car. Those shocks came with a shipping invoice that was addressed to someone in California, while the outside of the box was addressed to me. So right now, I have 1 rear shock for my Xterra, and 2 for another car. I paid for two Xterra shocks, and they screwed up big time.

I have yet to hear a response, and if I can't get in contact with them, I'll probably sell the two that don't fit and buy one that does and save a bit of money from the extra shock.

So stay away from!

On the bright side, the front shocks I ordred from AutoAnything, came in a nice package, with a shipping invoice, and on time. AutoAnything has pretty good prices and they were great.

What a pita, did you call them? Im sure you'll get somewhere by calling them instead of email.

That is a bummer.

FWIW, I have had really good experiences with The Shock Warehouse (  I have bought several pairs from them in the past.

I looked up the part number and it looks like the two they sent me are for the front of a '94-'02 Dodge Ram 2500/3500.



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