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Engine roar?

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PitSnipe (Kyle):
Hey guys hoping someone can help me in the right direction.

When starting my X the rpms ramp up to 2000 then slowly drop to the normal area about 800 rpm. When it ramps up the engine roars. It just doesn't seem like its normal. I've driven newer X's and they do not do this. Is this normal? Any help is appreciated.

2007 Xterra
80k miles
auto trans

pretty much all cars do that. Its normal.

Well here's the question, how long does it hold the higher RPM for? Is it just a brief second or does it seem to ramp up and stay there for more than a few seconds?

Also how is it on maintenance? You may want to check that it has a good air filter and that the fuel injectors are clean.

PitSnipe (Kyle):
It holds the RPMs for a little longer than it should. It runs great otherwise. When I put it in gear the RPMs drop immediately. Fuel injectors and air filter are clean.

It hasn't been cold at all for a while... You might want to check the ECU for codes and see if maybe it's throwing anything unusual. The engine might be holding RPMs longer trying to blow something out... Heck it could even be 02 readings or something from the cats.

I know Autozone checks codes for free but I don't know if they catch anything on their little machine that doesn't trip the Check Engine light. The cats on my truck went out at about 135k miles or so and it was doing a few funky things before they got replaced. I only drove it once with the bad cats though so I don't remember how it started up very well.


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