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So I had found someone to do my tubed front bumper, we set a date and he gave me a price etc... sounded great! It seems as though he is now flaking out. I can't seem to get him to respond to me in the least, even to just say I can no longer do it. Question should I wait until may 11th and see if he follows through? Are there any Tucson locals that can do a Calimini styled prerunner front end? If there is even a phoenix guy that can do it that would be fine.

The gentleman that I had contacted before told me 350 for a bolt on bumper with steel skid plates not painted.

Any input?   


Hunter off road in PHX


--- Quote from: 11Pro4X on April 23, 2013, 10:43:25 PM ---Hunter off road in PHX

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There ya go. I do know though that he will be gone for a month and a half. He leaves this week. When he gets back he has a roof rack to do  ;)

So I was able to get a hold of him. We had to change the date a bit but he took down his ad due to people looking for handouts and not wanting to pay for his work. I will keep you all posted and hopefully the bumper will look great. He said sometime after may 11th.

Now the question is to do a skid plate or to not do one?


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