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AZ Local tube/metal plates etc bumpers

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There are some fab shops in Tucson too.

I've been waiting to save up some money to have Ballistic do some work for me. My neighbors have a couple of rails that had work done by Ballistic and they look pretty solid.

There are also a few other shops that advertise locally... I'll see if I can find their info again.

Thing is too, I like the price he gave me, I suppose I can call around and see what other people are thinking for price for that styled bumper.

I'd like to see a pic of that.  I've been wanting to put an aftermarket bumper on, specifically a tube style one, but don't want to fork out the money that some of these places want.  $350 range sounds way better to me :)

I had a great experience with John at Hunter Offroad but definetely not $350, more like 3 times that price plus some. But he custom builds it to your specs, did winch mount, recovery points, etc... and is always available for any repairs if need be.

Hunter's prices are absurd imo. a tube bumper should cost less than a plate bumper


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