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Very Nice! 8)

How hard is it to replace brakes and rotors? I need to do it to my xterra and this will be my first time

PitSnipe (Kyle):
It is very easy if it is a 2nd Gen
1- Remove wheels
2 - Remove two caliper bolts
3 - Remove Two Caliper Bracket Bolts.
4 - Pull off rotor.
5 - Compress Caliper pistons
Install in reverse order.

When done press brake pedal to floor a few times to set the caliper pistons. Once the pedal is hard you are good.
Check the brake fluid level.
Then start the vehicle check the brake pedal again and test drive it. Make sure you do a few panic stops to really set the calipers.

Not hard.  Go slow and don't cross-thread anything and you'll be ok.  YouTube is your friend.

I'm getting my "YouTube Certified Mechanic" badge soon :)

thanks for the info


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