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Slow n Steady X build

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I honestly just want some factory alloy wheels, it scary when they do not say how much those things weigh.

Pitsnipe: DO IT! It was inexpensive and very easy to do.

AZXterra410 : Thanks! Now I need to get up to mesa and snag those coils from you!

All I can say is I am happy I do not have to deal with an HPOP or fuel bowl anymore.. the list goes on.

34lbs same as the weight on the green pathy and it gets better mpgs than me im sure with the so called power difference with the vq40 and the 5 speed trans u would see a very negligible diff in power i dunno just my opinon

34x4 GEEEEZZZ :o

allies 170hp vg33 pulls those wheels no problem i hear yo lil baby tears from yo crying

you'll have more than enough HP to pull those rims I didn't even feel it. I went from steel to SE rims and the ride was much nicer on the highway.


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