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Nothing done to it yet except the running board delete and the mud flaps. So lots of plans that i wanna get done... just starting to do my list of everything...
Oil pressure switch (damn gauge)
SMOD bypass
2nd trans Cooler
New tires 265/70/R17 FALKEN ROCKYMOUNTAIN!!!
coil spacers
Rear shackles
Light bar
Roof basket
Rear bumper tire carrier
Xterra bed

i cant think of much else most of my things are repairs to the truck... i just need to get it all done...

When i got her...

And as she sits now...

The mod bug has begun.

I need to find a mod day out here in az!

and oh what a bug it is.


--- Quote from: xterra06 on May 30, 2013, 01:16:35 PM ---I need to find a mod day out here in az!

--- End quote ---

Same here for my 1st gen body lift.


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