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--- Quote from: XterraGuy on June 14, 2015, 07:26:26 PM ---Any updates on this build? some new pics?

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Here is his build pics are on page 2

Sorry for such a long delay I haven't been as active as before. nothing really has been done to truck since the hood louver, but here is a list of mods i want to do. my main goal is to be able to get wheels and the 35 inch tires. green is what i believe is a need to make it happen, gray is second priority, and orange is dead last. no be aware that the prices are not all correct and don't include shipping. my main goal is to have everything ready for the 35s and for prep long travel down the road. any suggestions would be nice. i won't be wrenching on the truck until late march early april .so i have time for input. thanks in advance. [imghttp://[/img]

Any benefits to that hood cut mod or just pure looks?

PitSnipe (Kyle):
msainz also has his hood cut out like this.


--- Quote from: xZilla on August 15, 2015, 03:02:21 PM ---Any benefits to that hood cut mod or just pure looks?

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Mainly looks really but at the Sedona trip in April my fan turned on less frequently as others. Also when its cooler out you can actually see the engine heat radiating out of the vents.


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