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CANVAZ Xcursion III - Las Vegas NV - OCT 18th - 20th (UPDATE CAMPING OPEN!)

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Alright guys it is coming close to that time of the year where the Southwest corner puts on the Annual CANVAZ Xcursion. We are planning on having it October 18th through the 20th. The event will take place over three days, starting on a Friday with a trail and ending on a Sunday after a trail. Our team of trail leaders and organizers will be at the Red Rock Canyon Campground on Thursday evening/Friday morning for the initial meet-n-greet and to relay information to our event attendees. At this time we will go over expectations, thread lightly, face to face time with trail leaders, meet times of trails, amenities, and questions about the event.

The event starts Thursday night at the campgrounds around 7 PM but we will have a briefing Friday mid day at 1230 p.m. to go over all details listed above. Each day there will be a range of trails to accomodate the levels of experience in drivers as well as what modifications you may or may not have on vehicles. We are all looking forward to leading our fellow wheelers through the trails here in the Vegas Valley and have the experience trail leaders to get most anyone through the obstacles with people stock platform vehicles and modified. As a last night together for all of us, we are planning on holding a end of bash BBQ Saturday night to hold one last farewell for those that will not be able to make the last trail on Sunday before everyone makes the journey home.

Below you will find information about Lodging and Amenities. I have provided directions from a common location which should make for an easy find for most. If there is any information that you need please feel free to PM myself. Once the evnt gets closer I will be sure to post up more contact information as I am sure some people may get lost.

In the end our overall intention of the event is to provide a safe, fun, relaxed, and enjoyable environment for everyone to come with their families so we can all share our passion of OHV as well as a kick back and have a few cold ones responsibly with our friends. With that we look forward to seeing you all in a few short weeks!

Thanks guys!

Nick Schulte

PS: Please post whether or not you are camping as well as if you have a lift and skidplates/rock sliders. We will update trail information as they are pre run. Please stay tuned. Thanks!



For this event we will be staying at Red Rock Canyon Campgrounds. We are planning on getting three (maybe more) group Camp Sites; each site holds 10 - 20 people and an 8 vehicle restriction. The group camp sites do come with shade structures and some of the single sites do as well. The single sites have a restriction of 9 people. There will also be room for RV parking, however there is no electrical/sewer/water hook ups and there is a generator restriction of operation; 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. I would suggest that if you choose to bring an RV, please be courteous to others and park in a single stall. The rates are as follows, Single Sites - $15.00 per night, Group Sites - $40.00. We, as the organizers, will take care of group sites setup so it is available to those arriving.

NOTE:This is a dry campground, there is no water/sewer/electrical hookups. There is no dump station for RVs, there are no showers, Restrooms are vault toilets, water fountains ar located through out the campground, and fire wood is for sale when fire restrictions are lifted. MORE INFORMATION can be found here: Red Rock Canyon

Campground Directions:

These direction are from the I-15 & Clark County 215 interchange. This should work for everyone coming from California, Arizona, Utah and other states. Everyone will have to pass through central Las Vegas to get to the location so it works great.


For those of you who are not interested in staying at the Campgrounds are interested in Gambling are actual amenities are restaurants there is a great hotel near by called, Red Rock Station. Here is the link to there website where you can check out rates, room availability, amenities and other items alike. Red Rock Station here is the link to the Casino/Hotel.

Hotel Directions:

These direction are from the I-15 & Clark County 215 interchange. This should work for everyone coming from California, Arizona, Utah and other states. Everyone will have to pass through central Las Vegas to get to the location so it works great.



On your way to Red Rock Canyon Campground, you will pass a Albertson's Grocery Store on your right. There is also a Starbuck's located inside of the store too for those who need that Caffeine fix in the morning.



Red Rock Casino Dining has many places to eat as well as the surrounding areas. Including BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse, The Yard House, Island's Burgers, Olive Garden, and a great pizza place nest to the Albertson's called Mark Rich's NY Pizza. If you are wanting directions to these places, we can provide you them when you are here.


I know how we all want to be stinky and dirty, but for those who wish to take a shower...there is a place close by that offer their Gym showers at minimal price of $4. Red Rock Climbing Center They are open on Friday from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Its only a few minute drive away from the campground and there will be plenty of time to make it there after the trail and before they close.



There are two places that are close by to the Campground and Trails that we will be heading too. The first one is the closest to us and thats a Terrible Herbst Chevron located across from Red Rock Casino, I believe it does cost money to air up your tires.

The second gas station is located at the other end of the Red Rock Loop and it is the Blue Diamond Travel Center which I belive is a Shell Gas Station and again I would prepare to pay for air again.


SlvrGen1_X - 3" SL, Full Skids/Sliders
UofA_Xterra - 3" SL, Full Skids/Sliders
Nizmo_McLovin - Jeep
Marriott - Jeep (goneMOAB Recovery Vehicle)
ChrisHaynesUSA - TS, Full Skids/Sliders
JBoy - 3" SL, Full Skids/Sliders
dan826 - TS, Full Skids/Sliders
SoCalXTerry - TS, Full Skids/Sliders
CAWoody - 3" SL, Factory Skids/Sliders
(maybe)npgtech - 3" SL, Full Skids/Sliders
Jackal - 3" SL, No Skids/No Sliders
Hammer - 3" SL, Factory Skids/Sliders
DeFarra - TS, Full Skids/Sliders

Nellis APEX & Dunes (EASY/MODERATE) - Friday (Meeting @ 1300)

Approximate Run Time: Whatever works for the attendees

This trail is a combination of wash bottom and sand dunes. The trail gives great views of the Vegas Strip, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, and Nellis Air Force Base. Most of the obstacles are sandy hill climbs, steep descents, and rocky wash bottom. Every obstacle is optional as alternative paths to the same destination are always available.  This is a stock friendly trail, although those inexperienced in deep sand may find the dunes difficult; that is until they learn proper use of momentum, throttle application, and angle of approach.   Modified rigs and/or experienced drivers will find they can moderately challenge themselves with the optional obstacles and have a ton of fun in the dunes.

The meeting location & trail head is here:

Meeting at Campsite where we are located for the main event. Plan to take off from here for APEX/Nellis Dunes.


Wash Rock:

Steep Descends:


Trail Report by UofA_Xterra & Photos Courtesy of

Potato Ridge a.k.a. "Rock Gap Road" (Moderate/Difficult) - Saturday (Meeting @ 1000)

Approximate run time: 5-7 Hours (Depends on what lines people want to play on)

This trail is a fire road, which would be rated easy except for about a 1/4 mile washed out section.  The washed out section is mandatory rocky wash bottom that requires a good line choice to maintain traction.  There is a wash which follows the fire road, crossing it half a dozen times.  Each section of the wash ranges from mildly rocky to extremely rocky (think boulders the size of a 1960s Volkswagen Bug).  The trail gives travels the lower temperatures of high desert terrain and a close up view of the Red Rock Conservation Area.  All of the obstacles come in the form of low traction wash bottom rock crawling. This is only stock friendly to an experienced wheeler with a good spotter.  Modified rigs will find they push their limits with the optional sections of the wash.  

Meeting Location:
Meeting at Spot "B" on the map. It the gas station pictured below and direction are from the Campground.

The trail head is here:

Mandatory Sections:


Optional Obstacles:

Trail Report by UofA_Xterra & Photos Courtesy of

Blue Diamond Trail (EASY)- Sunday (Meeting @ 0830)

This trail is a combination of wash bottom, loose hill climbs, and a short rock garden-ish section. The trail gives great views of the Vegas Strip and a close up look at some old mines. Most of the obstacles are in the form of hill climbs and are optional. The toughest part of the trail is the "rock garden" which is not optional and will eat tie rods if you are to heavy on the skinny pedal. This is a stock friendly trail even with a fairly inexperienced wheeler (given he or she takes direction well). Modified rigs and/or experienced drivers will find they can moderately challenge themselves with the optional obstacles.

The trail head is here:

Trail Head Street View

"Rock Garden"

A Few of the Optional Climbs

View at the Top

Optional Descent


I will be there.

Looking forward to it man. Be great to wheel with you and Lorraine again.

Im in

Sounds fun!


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