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Well, I've been working all day. But really right now all I think we (as AZXC and as residents of Arizona) can do is donate to one of the funds out there and keep the families and coworkers in our thoughts. Maybe when the fire is completely out (hopefully very soon) we can lend our assistance in a more physical way if need be, cleaning up if they call for help, etc. so they know the off road community appreciates these kinds of efforts.

The situation is still very fresh. Should surf around and see if any of the other Arizona clubs have started anything in response.

I think Rosie's idea isn't bad. Helping out cleaning up would probably be better than just straight cash. I do think we should do something, no matter how small, to show our support.

Hammer (Avi):
It certainly is a tragedy and my heart and prayers go out to the families of the firefighters. 

That said, I am not sure what you are looking for from AZXC.  We can certainly start a donation pot for anyone who is interested and I think AZXC could match up to a certain amount. 

I normally see AZXC funds as paid by members for members, and there are many worthwhile causes to support regularly.  That said, I don't see it as AZXC's mission to regularly fund charities, after all the club is defined as a none profit for the use of raising membership funds, AZXC is not a charitable none profit.  That said, I think we should put it to a vote.  If AZXC members would like to make a donation to the families of this tragedy and believe AZXC should match the donation, I have no problem putting that together. 

Any other thoughts?     

pinchel (Rob):
While this is a great idea, coordinating an event as I am sure you already know is a pretty big commitment. I know I am new here but I think simple is better. The best way to figure this out, in my opinion, would be to contact one of the larger Non-profits and see if they have other needs besides monetary.

I'm sure there are events we can volunteer our time as a group to help and get exposure for the non-profit as well as the club. One place to check would be the 100Club, they are always doing fundraiser events, perhaps they have something we can fit it in with.


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