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Friday night chow

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Hmm....I was just thinking of picking up some fresh brats from the Pork Shop, here in QC tonight or tomorrow. Yum. I'm easy to please. I might pick up some meat sticks there too, lots of flavors. Beats jerky and slim jims any day, hands down.

PORK SHOP rules.  Right around the corner from my house....might have to stop there tonight, to pick up a few things.


We love the Pork Shop. I always forget to go there though, maybe 'cause it's 30min from our house.

Maybe I'll get there first thing in the A.M. tomorrow.

We have no idea what we're eating Friday night as of now.

I called the organizers and told them that we can only have people in the nice shady spots.  Especially the people who haven't shown up at a meeting or contacted me to tell me that they would be there.

Don't worry about it Georgie, you can guard the camp then.  Lots of shade and comfort for you there... :o

Don't know what this has to do with food really...did you guys want a hot lunch brought to your spots?  Anyone need a kosher meal?  Any peanut allergies? 




...since it sounds like you're offering, Marshall...I'd like some veal scalopini with fresh mushrooms and a creamy risotto brought to me at my post between 12:05pm and 12:15pm - which of course is when I take my lunch & cease all activity related to 'work'.  ;D

I know we're not supposed to drink, but I simply cannot have veal scalopini without a glass of Carmignano Riserva 1996, Villa di Capazzana, Toscana to wash it down.  :)

A slice of NY style cheesecake would be nice for desert, but don't get down on yourself if you cannot deliver - I am watching my weight.  :P If you can deliver, be sure to track down a bottle of  1994 Fonseca Vintage Port for me.

That should be all.

The 94 Fonseca doesn't travel well, everyone knows this...  How about any other whine?   pun intended   ;D


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