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pinchel (Rob):
I've got some White Reflective vinyl in stock!

pinchel (Rob):
In my attention span, I did not get a Fat Tire decal going yet but I did design this. I was thinking a badge kind of like the Jeepers have on their front fenders.

You can always visit the site I made just for the forums, if there are decals I should put in there let me know.
You can visit here to see what I've had up.

pinchel (Rob):
A few I just sent off to a member, an available alternate, and an older design that I never put on the Xterra. Colors in these pics were randomly chosen.

pinchel (Rob):
Also, as requested from Whattha I can make more of these black decals if anyone is interested. Or any color I have in stock, but I will only do these little ones in single colors. It's about 3x4.5 inches.

pinchel (Rob):
Flat black decals look like this on black paint. I added these to my site for easy ordering. They are at the bottom.


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