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pinchel (Rob):
If you mean stealth Not yet.

--- Quote from: PitSnipe on July 11, 2013, 08:57:05 PM ---Have you gotten into anything military related?

--- End quote ---

Hammer (Avi):
I would like a radar absorbent wrap, when you get around to it :) 

Any thoughts on a upper windshield AZXC banner?  One that blocks a little bit of sun?   

since we are wishing for things I would like the invisible wrap please. That banner is cool I asked graveyard about that about 2 months ago they were very expensive so I didn't do it.  

pinchel (Rob):
To be honest, in terms of wrap it might be cheaper to get a can of PlastiDip. Seriously.
For windshield visors, we could certainly do them. If you are really suggesting this, post it in the other thread.  ::)

Hey Picnhel...we met yesterday at Boulders....I have a question....
I'm getting ready to put a 40" Rigid LED Lightbar on my X. I have ofter heard of people painting their hood to help with the reflection of the lightbar so not to be blinded by glare. My thought is a removable vinyl...Hit the dunes, and remove when you head home...Any thoughts?


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