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How do you mount those front spacers with no holes? shouldn't they look like this.

PitSnipe (Kyle):
I was thinking the same thing. I guess there are two different styles. Ill just have to figure it out when I do the install.

Here is NissTec's explanation:

Our front spacers are CNC Machined from solid 6061 T-6 Aluminum.
This in the coil style spacer pre-loads your factory coil to give you lift, decreasing nose dive and body roll
Can be used with stock upper control arms without the fear of coil bucket contact like most all top mount spacers have.

Basically you remove stock c/o's and have to have the spring unloaded then spacer goes in and spring reloaded. Must be done at a shop cant be done at home. PepBoys charged me $60 to take the top off of my stock ones and mounted to my Old Man Emu c/o's when I had them.

PRG design they bolt to the top of the stock c/o's so you dont have to have the spring unloaded, but as NissTec states more coil bucket contact with these.

So pick your poison...

PitSnipe (Kyle):
Good thing we have a nice new heavy duty spring compressor at my work.
Thank you for the info.

Must be nice ya read the instructions on nisstec's website after looking at those.


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