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PitSnipe (Kyle):
So I picked up some IF roof light bar mounts from AZGeorge a while back waiting for the day to buy a light bar. Well that day happened. I picked up a 43" curved bar.
I was dreading the install though. I knew from when I had my Xoskel light cage that my rivnuts were all striped out. So I had a slow day last week and I figured that Id take a crack at it. Dropped the headliner and removed the rivnuts. I hate those things. I replaced them with bolts and mounted the brackets and light bar. Not bad I must say. Holy wow is it bright.

20170830_162943 by Kyle Zastrow, on Flickr

20170830_163540 by Kyle Zastrow, on Flickr

20170830_163615 by Kyle Zastrow, on Flickr


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