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Knock Sensor Relocation

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I just bought a 2002 Xterra and so far I really like it. Seems in pretty good shape and very low miles for eleven years!

However  !!! I am getting PO 328 codes. They do not trip the CEL; they  only show up when I attach my code reader. I researched this on the WWW and it sounds like my knock sensor has died. 

Replacing it is pretty pricey. I don't see any reason to tear down the top half of the engine to get to a $150 part. I did see quite a few comments about relocating the sensor and even found a write up from an Xterra club back east complete with pictures. Supposedly from a 2002 like mine. But when I look at the connector that is supposed to have the wires for the KS, the connector and the coding on the wires is not the same as the picture.

Has anyone done the KS relocation?  More to the point, can anyone who has done this like maybe  HELP me?   ???


Hammer (Avi):
Never dealt much with knock sensors yet to be honest.  But every sensor can by bypassed, you just need to know what the computer is looking for. 

It's buried deep in the middle top of the engine. I watched a video on line of a guy relocating it and it looks very easy. The hard part is finding the right wires to make the connection. Like I  said, my 2002 harness kind of looks like the one I saw in another video but the color coding  on the wires is not the same. The code doesn't effect the engine performance at all. But it won't go away. I can reset the ECU and it will come back very quickly. Needless to say it won't pass emissions like that.

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pinchel (Rob):

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I'm looking into it. I found a replacement pigtail and knock sensor if I end up just splicing in a new one. Probably much easier than taking the whole  top off to get at that $30 part. Stupid. I really don't have a ton of time to take it apart either.


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