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pinchel (Rob):
So I guess this will be a good start.

So I went back and checked all our repair records because I could not remember what we did.

Sway Away HD Torsion
Swapped head unti for JVC w/ USB & AUX support
Shrockworks Rear Bumper/Carrier w/custom corners
15s with Cooper Discoverer STT 31x10.5x15
Cooper Discoverer STT Pros 32x11.5x15
Mossy Oak Steering cover (Does almost nothing for the heat where the rubber is)
Head Gasket
Replaced power steering hose
Starter replaced
Fan Clutch
PML - AC Shackles? I forget which maybe 4x4parts
New Thermostat & larger radiator
Aux Tranny Cooler
Removed Front sway bar bushings & endlinks
Replaced all shocks Rear 5125 Bilstein & Front 4600 Bilstein
Energy Suspension Ultra Low profile bump UCA stops
Replaced OEM horn with a WOLO horn
Upgraded UCAs
Cam bolts
Radiator & hoses
New bigger tires
Aux Tranny Oil Cooler & fan
Knock Sensor Relocation
20" LED

Possibly a new Power Steering Pump
Steering Gear Box
Water Pump

Front and Rear Suspension:
Steering stabilizer
Belts including Timing Belt/chain

Not the greatest picture, I'll get a better one later. This was with it first on. I still had some wiring to do and tweaking. It currently sags on the left. And the corners are setup for a 2" lift so that needs modifying.

First view of the new backside.

The bumper.

Swapped the 17s for 15s and new rubbers 31x10.5x15 Cooper Discoverer STT, now we can do some muddin'!

After PML (just the rear)

Not sure this is needed but here is my cb setup.

Stock Radio:

Old Bracket:

What happened

pinchel (Rob):
It would not start for me this morning. So instead of trying to start it we had it towed thinking when it arrived to Firestone they would get the same thing, nope it started for them and they tried starting it over 60 times and it didn't fail once yet this morning it failed on me 3 times and didn't start for at least 12 or more key turns.

So they had no clue, but I'm thinking maybe it's the ignition switch. I don't know cuz I've never had an ignition go out. Do they do that?

Hammer (Avi):
try replacing your battery terminals, or at least inspecting them and making sure they aren't loose. 

any update with the starter? 


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