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September Xcursion on Sep 5th

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According to the website, our next Xcursion is on September 5th.  Have we decided on a location yet?

I kinda need a three day weekend to go home and see my Aunt Nancy, she's been in the hospital for the past month. She just hasn't been up to visitors, but by that time, I hope she will be.
You know we are always game for just about anything. Let's see how much interest there is in that weekend and then I will make a decision.  If there is a big turn out, maybe I can take a day off of work the following weekend to go home instead.

What about the coves (at Saguaro Lake)??  Last time I was there with Fangars and 08whitex, and we were talking about coming back and BBQing and possibly camping out (at the 3rd cove).

That's the weekend before fire school, I'll be getting ready for the following weekend. I'm out.

I'll be hunting all weekend. Dove season.  8)


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