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September Xcursion on Sep 5th

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There was mention of the  Pink Heals Charity event on the 11th, going to be the official Sept Xcursion....

I would not be able to make either, Golf outing on the 5th, and camping up on the Rim, Bear Canyon Lake, on the 11th.

That's right! The Boobie fund raiser! That was going to be the Xcursion.

We still need to figure something out for an off road adventure though (doesn’t have to be official). I had an awesome time with you guys (as a group) last Fall just after I bought my truck! We need to do that again!!!
I still don't know what I'm doing about going home, but keep the ideas coming! I'll still have two or three weekends open for September.

Thank you, Conundrum. That was every educational for me. I didn't know God made so many... lets just say "different" kinds of people. (BAHAHAH!!!)

Why do I click on these thing.  Oh why? ::) :o

Yeah, I'm not going to make it on the 5th either.  I didn't realize that it is a holiday weekend, and I lay low on holiday weekends.

I'll be at the Pink Heals event at ABC Nissan on Sept 11th.


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