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Rust-oleum Spray Bed Liner

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I sprayed my rims last night with the Spray Bed Liner. I used 1 can of liner for the two rims on the left side. They turned out pretty well except a couple places you can tell i sprayed to close cause its darker but they are nice and black. When i started my second can it turned out to be dark (stupid 6pm night time) but i kept going. Come to find out the two tires on the right side turned this Dark grey color no quite black and you can notice a difference. Anyone ever had this problem. it is really annoying i will have to take the tires all off again and repaint. Also i used playing cards around rim and the tire along with newspaper so i didn't spray the tires themselves. Anyone have easier methods? Let me know!

PitSnipe (Kyle):
Sorry to hear your having trouble.
I used Duplicolor spray on bed liner on my '07 and my '11 Xterras bumpers and wheels. I didnt have any color issues. I know a couple other people that used Duplicolor and there's turned out great too.

Hammer (Avi):
I have used that product a lot, and I can tell you there are inconsistencies between cans.  I haven't noticed color variations but I have ended up with more than one or 2 cans that had sat on the shelf too long and wouldn't spray right.  I would suggest buying another can and using it for a light final coat on all 4 wheels.  Or you can buy my stock wheels that are sitting in my backyard already bedlined :)

I think i am just going to do a final coat on all 4 rims of the Duplicolor. Then if all works out I will use Duplicolor for the rest of my plastics. Did you guys take off your bumpers to paint them or paint them on the truck? Maybe i should come to the Mod Day and do it there?

If the Rims dont work out Hammer i will look into your stock rims. DO you have anything else your getting rid of?

PitSnipe (Kyle):
On my '07 I removed the front bumper and rear steps. Preped all and hung in the garage to spray. Rear bumper I left on the X and painted .


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