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Surprise Straps


PitSnipe (Kyle):
Hey all there is this local company called Surprise Straps that I have come across. One of there show jeeps has been in the shop I work at.  They make pull straps for the Wrangler out of paracord. It is a neat product. I have contacted them about the Xterra. This could be a neat alternative due to the option to personalize your strap with an assortment of colors. I have also asked if they make cargo nets. So if your interested check them out.

I want their FJ A-Pillar grab handles, I am sure they would work to replace our handles as well...

This guy was at the az game and fish expo. Cool dude and near straps

I knew I had seen his company somewhere... The Fish and Game expo.. I remember now.

pinchel (Rob):
I'd like something like this attached to my roof rack for an easy up.


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