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Transmission Whine!

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Noticed the last few months that my 6 Speed is getting whiney. As if the 6 year old in the back seat wasn't bad enough.

Seems to be more so in the morning when starting from cold, definitely only happens when she is In Gear.  If I push the clutch, or take it out of gear the whine goes away.  The whine gets louder through the rev band, noticeable at around 1500 rpm tho up to quite loud at 4000 rpm.

Transmission Fluid was changed about a year ago with Amsoil.  Maybe I should pick up some of the Nissan Recommended stuff and do an oil change.

Any ideas? 

Is it the throw out berring.When pushing in the clutch does it stop.

It's all the way through the rev range.  Higher Pitched at higher revs.  Yes - pushing the clutch stops it.  Only happens when In Gear.

No idea what a bad throwout bearing sounds like, but I believe that is not covered by Powertrain Warranty right?

Will probably try and get her into the dealer on Thurs, currently at 57k miles so hopefully whatever it is will be considered Powertrain warrantyable.

It sounds like the berring and if it is you may aswell do the hole thing IE presure plate clutch pack throw out berring and re surface the flywheel.


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