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I agree, good idea, maybe also pin meetup spots like Chevron off I-17/Carefree Highway. Gas station across from Ft McDowell Casino in the East Valley, etc...

I like every post on this thread

Hammer (Avi):
I thought it was a good idea as well, not sure how to do it though.  Were is Rev?

Stoic V:
I was screwing around the other day with this website. (im sure there are other sites out there, this was just the first one I came across)
You could use different colors for different things.. .   Example...  One color for each trail raiting, one color for popular meet up places, another color for actual meet places.  ect

A while back, I was researching some trails in Nevada. I came across a website that uses Google Earth.  I think they uploaded actual GPS Coordinates from their trips.

Hammer (Avi):
Nice, I am sure there is a way to integrate that.  Rev should be dropping by the mod day, we will talk about it then. 


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