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PitSnipe (Kyle):
Installed the splitter today and wired the yellow lights.

IMG_20170725_153449_803 by Kyle Zastrow, on Flickr

20170725_170819 by Kyle Zastrow, on Flickr

I think I am going to lower it a little now.

Thupertrooper (Victor):
Badass we have to hit a carshow after i fix my gmc

pinchel (Rob):
Why are the lights taped?!

Thupertrooper (Victor):

--- Quote from: pinchel (Rob) on July 29, 2017, 08:39:23 AM ---Why are the lights taped?!

--- End quote ---
After 150mph a rock can make them shatter but with tape on them it only cracks.

PitSnipe (Kyle):
I love the track inspired look.


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