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FS: Custom Lo Pro Roof Racks

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Some quick questions, what ga steel are you using?  How do we pick them up?  How much are they atm?  and lastly whats the weight time on them?


The steel I use is .083 1" square. Plenty strong enough for a lot of gear and even to walk on.  Buyer will pick up the rack from me at my house in Mesa. Base price is $300 and can got up from there depending on customization. I do not have much for projects lined up at the moment so no real wait time to have it started. I do ask for $100 down to start the rack. I give a 6 week turnaround, only a couple have actually taken that long. I am guessing the weight to be around 60 pounds or so for the basic rack. I have not been able to officially weight one though. Hope this answers all your questions.

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Thatsgr8 (Scott):
Whattha do you any other metal work?  I am looking to replace my plastic grill with a custom square tube bend unit.  I have the idea in my mind.  Just need to make it a reality.

Thatsgr8 unfortunately at the moment I am having to put my metal work to the back burner.  Due to some unexpected events I will be tied up with some family stuff.  My parents were involved in a severe accident last week and I will be focussing on them for the next several months.  Once all this settles I will be open to looking at your ideas.  Thank you for your understanding and patience at this time. 

Whoa, sorry about your parents. Wishing them speedy recovery for sure.


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